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An image referring to an architectural project generates an immediate perceptual impact on the corresponding stakeholders who demand your Phronexys service; Therefore, it must contain the most significant aspects that characterize the requested and prepared proposal; In this way, visual communication through images facilitates the understanding of each of its components and phases, analyzes progress and scope, and also allows changes suggested by those interested in the project work to be made.

Therefore, infographics as a collection of 3D images in architecture recreate the final product that you want to achieve; That is, it allows knowing the possible architectural result in advance of its construction itself; Therefore, this graphic representation provides details of design, construction, physical appearance, materials and spatialities. Pre-realization of digital images (preview) reassigns times and phases for the sake of effectiveness.

In this context, Phronexys prepares architectural renderings depending on the specific needs of a project, which are presented in the following typology according to content:

  • Interior rendering
  • Exterior rendering
  • Product rendering
  • Aerial rendering
  • Masterplan rendering

This technique consists of a traditional image rendered with subtle changes in certain aspects of composition, for example, movement of clouds, trees, water and wind currents, changing sunlight (sunrise), shadow phases (dusk), in contrast with the furniture and static architectural works that make up the landscape environments.

In this sense, for Phronexys a Renderfeel expresses the combination of a static image and a video, composed in a single shot, to transmit indescribable sensations and unique emotions of the project, compared to the perceptions of static works and environments; Therefore, a renderfeel becomes an audiovisual communication strategy that recreates reality itself with a sense of artistic novelty to illustrate advertising screens, web pages or social networks.


Film in architecture is a visual tool that adds value to projects and designs and focuses on the aesthetic and conceptual essence of a specific proposal. Through a video, you can create a cinematographic piece that tells the story of the project by describing the process and the result you want to achieve.

In this way, for Phronexys, video becomes the technique that makes a convenient difference with other urban and architectural developments; Likewise, it provides an adequate response to the new demands and expectations of people and firms. Through an elaborate script, the different phases of a given project are processed; for example, dynamic camera management, surprising angular approaches, innovative construction details in harmony with musical environments, which allow the integration of a piece of visual art to stimulate the imagination and fantasize about avant-garde spaces and constructions.

For Phronexys, architectural photography as a communicative language has the purpose of capturing or "capturing" design details and peculiar aspects of interior and/or exterior architectural projects, as well as generating curiosity and attention to a particular stakeholder; Even through a particular photograph, urban spaces, real estate and industrial works, among others, can be explained in a didactic way and with greater clarity.

Phronexys focuses its interest on photographic-architectural use to capture, discern and propose new forms of design of buildings and multi-use spaces, organization of furniture elements, combination of environments with sunlight or illumination of a context defined for their realization.


3d floor plans

3D floor plan representations are useful for both buyers and sellers. For the former, they offer a more detailed view of the property or building than traditional photos and videos. They provide a better idea of the space, allowing buyers to imagine layouts and uses of different rooms in harmony with the furniture and other elements of the specific space.

For the latter, 3D representations can help communicate in an effective and agile way, both characteristics, benefits and potential of the property to buyers.
To create and represent 3D floor plans, Phronexys, like other designers, uses software specialized in creating images from a 2D floor plan. In this process, furniture, accessories and objects are added and, through rendering, a realistic representation of the space is created. To achieve quality in this procedure, Phronexys offers the professional skills of the designer and the suitability in the use of the software used.

360 & VR
With the support of this digital tool of information technology, stakeholders can interact in immersive virtual environments and enjoy a 360 experience with real-looking constructive objects, generators of sensations, emotions and unusual spatial perceptions. Its use in Phronexys is pertinent to effectively imagine, visualize, desire and decide on innovative architectural projects: "live" and "feel" unusual spaces, interact with reality simulator products, enjoy vertigo, movement, depth, dynamism and the interaction of fiction with reality.

In truth, the 360-degree interactive image & VR is a product of the constant technological evolution put at the service of architecture in its multiple project realizations: people and firms with the possibilities of suggesting and recommending project changes, thinking and deciding on innovative works, planning and budget futuristic buildings.


3D modeling materializes in three-dimensional representations of the physical world (visual/digital art): environments, people, objects, constructions, industrial facilities, to envision and foresee feasible projects. To do this, Phronexys has 3D modeling programs that allow you to interact with the computer client of the project and provide confidence, while showing progress, partial achievements, adjustments, improvements, probable results, final product and guarantee, according to specifications and stipulated needs.

The 3D modeling work is linked to architectural projects in each of their stages of development, both public and private and mixed: modeling of public spaces, urban planning of works, urban furniture, interior design and other related projects.